With the current peril involved in booking flights and getting on a plane, wine can provide a safe and tasty alternative method of transportation! This little beauty will deftly whisk you off to Sardinia, quicker than you can say 'rompe i coglioni'! This is a beautiful estate, a few km inland on the South Eastern tip of Sardinia. The maritime breezes moderate what can be searing heat in mid-summer, to produce fruit bursting with flavour and freshness, the latter often elusive in Cannonau (aka Grenache/Garnacha). A delicious mix of plush black and blue fruit, without the bruising (see what I did there?!) alcohol level the variety is notorious for.
Code 1192
Closure Cork
Vintage 2019
Country Italy
Bottle Size 750
Region Sardinia
ABV 14.5
Grape Cannonau (aka Grenache)
In Stock: 12+
Single Bottle
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