We’re off to southern Tuscany, in the heart of the Maremma. The Romans used to stay well clear of the area- it was a malarial infested swampland back then, with a fearsome network of bandits. However, archeological finds show that the Etruscans were making wine in these parts back around the 5th century BC. We’re in Scansano to be precise, a town and commune better known for its red wine, made from a clone of Sangiovese, Morellino. The soils, which once sat at the bottom of the sea, are mainly limestone, but with a red hue from the high iron content and this nutrient rich soil provides red and white wines with striking flavours. Tenuta Aquilaia was recently acquired by the Uggiano family, owners of an eponymous winery in Brunello di Montalcino, and proud Tuscans. Brunello growers generally aren’t short of a few quid so no expense has been spared in bringing the estate wines up to a very scratchy scratch. LIMITED QUANTITY PARCEL

We're going through something of a Vermentino phase at the moment, with a number of other options from Sicily, Sardinia and Liguria we'd be keen to share with you if this floats your boat. It’s kind of pretty and floral, but not in a summer frock way- more a rose clasped between perfectly white teeth. Loads of fruit that drifts from tropical to grapefruit, with a real sense of energy. To finish, there’s a killer saline, savoury backdrop that will lure you back for more.

Perfect with spaghetti alle vongole, which is really easy to knock up. Try this:
Code 1365
Closure Screw
Vintage 2020
Country Italy
Bottle Size 750
Region Tuscany
ABV 13.5
Grape Vermentino
In Stock: 12+
Single Bottle
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